Visa to persons of Pakistani origin Visa

Visa to persons of Pakistani origin

Applicants having Pakistani Passport or persons of Pakistani origin

If you, or your parents or grandparents have/had Pak citizenship, a different procedure will be applicable as mentioned below. Applicants falling in this category may please note that visa granted to them shall be for a short term, usually for a period of 3 months. It will be based on the specific purpose of the visit and may be further restricted regarding the duration and the places that can be visited in India.

Procedure if the visa applicant currently holds Pakistani nationality and therefore Pakistani Passport

For making an application, like all other visa applicants, please visit the link  and submit your Visa Application Form online. While filling the form, you will be required to give the name and address of the Indian sponsor. You also need to furnish the particulars of the Indian authority verifying the Sponsor. Please click on the link Click Here to see the Sponsorship Certificate. You sponsor in India should download this Sponsorship Certificate and have it filled up in India. He should get it duly Attested by one of the Indian authorities as mentioned in the Sponsorship Certificate and then send it to you by FAX, e-mail or post. This will be used by you to fill in the online Visa Application Form. A copy of the Sponsorship Certificate may be attached with the Visa Application that you submit to High Commission of India, Ottawa.

After filling the online Visa Application Form, take a print out. You will need to submit it to M/s BLS International along with a copy of the Sponsorship Certificate as mentioned above. For further instructions about submission of Passport and payment of fee, please contact M/s BLS International. Their office addresses, timings, phone numbers and e-mail address can be found by clicking here .

The processing of visa application for such cases takes a minimum of 3 months. It takes long as the matter is examined by the concerned authorities in India. After the lapse of 3 months of submission of your Visa Application, our Consular section may be approached by writing an e-mail at  to know about the status of your visa application. Kindly give the Ref Number, name and Barcode Number for all the applicants (these are available on the Money Receipt given to you by M/s BLS International). Without this information, we will not be able to respond to your queries. ALSO PLEASE MENTION IN YOUR MAIL THAT IT WAS A CASE OF VISA TO PAK ORIGIN OR PAK NATIONLITY PERSON, as these cases are handled separately. You are requested to be patient and not make enquiries in this regard by phone, personal visits, fax or letters, which, due to constraints, we will not be able to respond to.

Procedure if the visa applicant currently holds Canadian nationality and therefore Canadian Passport

If you (visa applicant) ever held Pakistani nationality in the past, or your parents or grand parents have or ever held Pakistani nationality, same procedure as outlined above will be applicable, except that Sponsorship Certificate will not be required in your case and the processing time is a minimum of 6 weeks. However you must ensure that you give two Indian references in your Visa Application Form. Without this information, your Form will be rejected by New Delhi office, resulting in delays. The usual turn around time is 2 months. Moreover, if the visa applicant is less than 12 years or more than 70 years of age, his/her visa can be processed in much shorter time frame.

Procedure if the visa applicant holds Canadian as well as Pakistani nationality

In such a case, the procedure as applicable to those holding Pakistani nationality will be applicable. 

Please do read the General Instructions by clicking here .