Certificate for Taking Ashes or Dead Body to India Consular Services

Certificate for Taking Ashes or Dead Body to India

Certificate for Transportation of Ashes or Dead Body to India

This service has NOT been outsourced to BLS International. To facilitate transportation of dead body or ashes of a deceased Indian or person of Indian origin, we provide the requisite certificate. To issue the certificate, we will need following documents:

  • Death Certificate in original from Canadian authorities.
  • Coroner's Report and/or Autopsy Report of the hospital in case of un-natural death such as cases of suicide/murder/accident.
  • Original Cremation Certificate issued by Funeral Home.
  • Indian and/or Canadian Passport in original of the deceased.
  • In case it is desired to transport the dead body to India instead of the ashes, original report of the person who embalmed the body and a certificate from the Manager, Funeral Home that the casket was sealed by him and it contained the embalmed body of the person identified by him.
  • Photograph of the dead body in case the body is to be transported to India.
  • Details of the Airlines Company and flights by which dead body or ashes are to be transported. Name and address of the person accompanying the ashes or dead body is also needed. We incorporate these details in the certificate to facilitate transportation.
  • Please note that all airlines are required to ensure that (i) Advance intimation of at least 48 hours is given to Airport Health Officer regarding transportation of Dead Body or Human Remains or Ashes of the cremated body by the airline.
  • No person shall bring into India any Dead-Body or Human Remains of a person who may have died of Yellow Fever, Plague, Anthrax, Glanders or any other disease as may be notified by the Indian Government from time to time.
  • Total Fee of C$ 30 (Service Fee C$ 27 + ICWF C$ 3) to be paid in the form of Bank Draft / Money Order.  Fee can be paid by Debit Card as well on the High Commission consular service counter.

The High Commission will return all original documents to the applicant after inspecting them. In case the deceased held an Indian Passport, it will be cancelled and returned to the family members of the deceased.


(i) Government issued Photo ID and proof of relationship with the deceased is required if a family member is applying for NOC.
(ii) In case of Funeral Homes or third parties (including second degree relatives), so authorized to apply for NOC for transportation of mortal remains to India, a Notarized Affidavit of immediate family member (Father/Mother/Son/Daughter/Brother/Sister) authorizing the concerned Funeral Home along with a Government issued Photo ID and proof of relationship with the deceased is required.